Music for the Now: Janubia's Mother Tongue/Lengua Materna
It was late on Wednesday night, I was Jet lagged coming back from a conference in Santa Monica and my mind was frazzled to say the least . Science... Metaphysics... Religion, the conference was stimulating but so many words. I realized in listening, that the emotions behind the words were as important to me as the language itself. Interesting considering that the Janubia CD: Mother Tongue was waiting at home for me to check out!
Of course I threw the CD in without reading the cover letter and from the first song, Setah, Janubia had my attention. Setah was slinky and beautiful, harmonious and unique with romantic guitars and celebratory rhythms setting tbe tone for a great album. It immiedietly took me away to another place and time, just what tbe doctor ordered. As I listened to the next song Betinah Vijad, I found myself singing along with the chorus. I guess this is when I began to wonder, "What language am I singing along with?"
When I finally read the cover letter, it stated that Janubia sings in a language unknown to man. WOW... I had to talk to Janubia. So, I called, and we spoke (yes, in english) and Janubia told me she had been singing this language since she was a cbild. She has been told that this language is pieces of many languages yet completely unique to itself. The profound thing is that Janubia has the ability, as she stated "to get out of the way" and let the music and words come through. An admirable trait in this day and age!

As I further listened to the CD I drifted into the beautiful guitars and amorous vocal phrasing of Bepehon, the haunting and beautiful Al Son, and moved to the percussion break downs and vocal rhythms of DeJu. While listening to Pe Than, a beautiful balladesque piece with interlocking guitars and vocal melodies, I truly felt my heartspace open and move me beyond words. Other stand-outs for me were Pohn Fohn Son, an uptempo and mysterious piece where the drums, bass, and guitars create a wonderful dialogue for Janubia to blend with and answer to and Son Raih Si a dark and slinky piece with a wonderful string arrangement. Kudos to Alex de Rafols and Janubia for producing a sonically beautiful and well arranged CD and to all the musicians who truly created the space for Janubia to shine brilliantly!

In closing, Mother Tongue is an album that will move people throughout this world and beyond. Already receiving airplay on 20 stations and climbing, it is breaking down walls of preconceptions and musical stereotypes. Music is the Universal Language of Love and Janubia sings it fluently and with the purest of tones! Show some love and visit her at!
- Barry Goldstein, Mystic Pop





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